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PriceIncludesDelivery time
US$131 video ad1-3 days
US$171 video ad + 1 thumbnail1-3 days
US$272 video ads + 2 thumbnails1-4 days
US$363 video ads1-4 days
US$403 video ads + 3 thumbnails1-5 days
Deliver 2 days fasterExtra US$10
PriceIncludesDelivery time
US$5Text only1-2 days
US$10Text + 5 images1-2 days
US$15Text + 5 images + 1 gif/video1-3 days
Deliver 1 day fasterExtra US$10
Upload to your storeExtra US$10
PriceIncludesDelivery time
US$80General store - 4 random products/collections2-5 days
US$100One product store - 1 product of your choice3-6 days
US$110Niche store - 2 products of your choice3-6 days
US$500Everything listed in our service page 30 days
+20% of the profit made during the mentorship